Call for Investment

Brother / investor 
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
Subject / Call for Investment in Securities

Company invites index Financial Investment Co. , Ltd. is a private joint stock company engaged in investing in securities and a certified agent with the Khartoum Stock Exchange.
Only my brother Karim to invest in securities offered in the Khartoum Stock Exchange as the market characterized by a good reputation and controls an excellent safeguard the rights of investors in securities In addition, the securities traded in the market yielding rewarding when compared to returns on investment in other regional markets as well as that securities traded in the market guaranteed by the issuers of these securities , such as certificates of governmental involvement " magnanimity " and instruments of government investment , "said ," and certificates of central bank " the former and the second issued by the Ministry of Finance , and the third issued by the Central Bank " Bank of Sudan " and certificates of magnanimity and investment instrumentsgovernment , "said ," is now considered one of the best types of investments the proportion of profits high , which has been achieved by these certificates and instruments as it reached the lowest rate profits from 16% to 29% during 2006 , compared with investment deposits in banks that the rate of profit during the year 2006 of 12% to 16%.
These certificates feature is also a high degree of liquidity and flexibility as the demand for them is high in Khartoum Stock Exchange In any moment can owner of the certificate sold in the market at market value and get the value in cash in addition to that these certificates be considered a guarantee of first class for grant funding from the banking system ,In addition, it is guaranteed by the issuers have as much of the constituent assets of these funds certificates.