About the Company

Our Company

Al-Moashir For Financial and Investment Co. Ltd is a stock trading company that handles all matters of financial agency. It is registered in 3 April 2006 and started dealing in Khartoum Stock Exchange (KSE) on 25 July 2006.

Our Services

Our company conducts all agency tasks that are permitted by KSE laws and regulations:
• Buying and selling stock on behalf of customers
• Buying and selling stock on behalf of the company
• Selling and marketing new stock issues (IPO)
• Investment of company capital in accordance with KSE regulations
• Borrowing within the limit of not exceeding twice the amount of shareholder contributions
• Any other activities allowed by KSE regulations

Our Vision

Working on the realization of sustainable economic development and social progress through the provision of distinct Islamic financial services that attain to the desires and needs of community.

Our Mission

Creation of an advanced and comprehensive financial services industry that utilizes the most advanced technologies and techniques for providing company services to its customers in support of the various economic sectors: investors, business men, companies, individual or other financial institutions.