Company Objectives

It has been observed that investment in the stock market has become a major portion of the investments that have been conducted by the financial institutions such as banks, and finance companies around the world.
The stock market in Sudan has witnessed a huge leap in the investment area specially after the introduction of oil as a main economic resource to the country, which made the country attractive to large investments in infrastructure projects such as roads, water, electricity, and the manufacturing of goods and services. These high return projects require adequate capital. Therefore our company is working to achieve the following goals:
  • Spread awareness about savings and investment among individuals, institutions and companies
  • Provide investment opportunities that have good return for individuals, institutions and companies
  • Market and promote investments in the stock market among all sectors of society specially among Sudanese working abroad (expatriates) given that the low value of foreign currency against the Sudanese pound has raised some real challenges to their savings.
  • Manage investment portfolios for individuals, institutions and companies to attain good returns
  • Achieve good return through the company’s portfolio
  • Market, promote, and sell stock issues
  • Provide financial consulting services by managing other companies’ portfolios
  • Establish and manage investment funds
  • Conduct researches and studies in stock investments
    The company conducts all its works in accordance with Islamic Laws. All products that are traded in KSE are subject to review and supervision of the High Committee for Jurisprudent Supervision of Banks and Financial Intuitions.